Birth Package

Three prenatal visits

These visits include (but are not limited to): 

  • Fears around birth and how to release them
  • How to achieve a positive birth
  • What to expect from your care providers
  • Create a birth plan 
  • Techniques your partner can use to support you
  • Hypnobirthing techniques 
  • Positions for labour
  • Pain management during labour 

On call support 

I am on call for your birth from 38 weeks. During this time I am 

contactable 24/7.

Birth Support

I provide continuous physical, emotional and informational support 

for you and your partner throughout the duration of your labour. 

Two postpartum visits:

These visits include (but are not limited to):

  • Debrief of your birth 
  • Feeding support 
  • Guidance on sleep and settling techniques 
  • Oxytocin boosting relaxation techniques 
  • Nourishing meal each visit 
  • Holding baby while you rest or shower
  • Light household chores 
  • Playing with older siblings 
  • Taking your dog for a walk 
  •  Whatever you need.  

Contact me

If this birth package sounds perfect for you, get in contact with me today. I'd love to get to know you over a coffee.